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some writings and pix of possible interest

if there were ever a time we need to be high it would be now!!!
as if we could just cry. Heroes Die, lying cold on the floor.
don't want to take hope from childrens hearts, but to believe you Must concede that Truth must go before Us.
 So if i lie, im damned to try. Reconcile my crime, but You who bear false wittness have seized the Cup. You've hidden it behind a tale of Woe....
our children die for oil today. Fortune has Soilders...
Ancestors roll in their graves.... Fools
Trey Xanthean........... (c)2000 By Christ Records

The Other existing within, without the One Existing outward.
Casting sharp contrast on Existance it's self...
 Trey Xanthean........(c) 2001 By Christ Records

Why? don't you call His Name?
Knowing that you can not be saved any other way.
Love Calls; you know.
Love Calls; you go.
He calls,will you know when to?
See the whole world is bleeding in their sins.
Jesus wash this sorrow away!
Begin to Love His Word, take it deep in your heart.
Love calls; You see.
Love calls; Believe.
Jesus the Christ Loves You and  Me!!!
Trey Xanthean......... (c) 1999 By Christ Records

Selah YHVH
Come quickly my Lord!!
Lies in this Rapture.
Disquised as free.
Chains await you if you fly to free your Soul.
The Stars Fall First!!!
They give and take in marrige, eat and drink.
be NOT Blinded to these or you Will Bleed!!!!!
Trey Xanthean..........(c) 2001 By Christ Records

a thought....
In the first year inside the 3rd millennium, distress is butterfly. A storm is seen in the Eye! Winds unruly direction, detection from above the stars in the sky.. The clamber is driven faster, farther below black blasts the horns cry..Then you see dissension, descend.. distich the brazen lies...
No one knows why terror must thrive.. why we poision the
rivers and seas.. Sovergien States bombed into complience.
For a god made of money.. why people live with out any, while so few have untold bounty..
A Country thought to be the last best hope for the free.
so loved by you and me. as we stand together in hope and sadness, but we have been sold for great fee's.. a lie believed!! while a child dies for lack of air to breathe..
She has fallen. stars for stripes, red on top of white and blue.. deepen the sorrow for those lost, we knew and knew not.. i know they say it dose not matter but tell that to mothers who have no children.. they have been rilled to kill them in the womb, the safest place known.. regret lingers at the clinic.. so few seem to have free will..sell or give nothing, nothing saves our illict behaviour.. you can't wear dirt to stop razors. beg to try and you will bleed... corporate censorship promotes lies, ambiguity and greed..
So now that i have told you of Babylon the Great Mystery 
and of her seed.. try to pretend you do not notice..
just make sure you get what you need......
Trey Xanthean
(c)1996-2023 By Christ Records (revised-2011)


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