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Trey Xanthean History

The Bands!! Trey started in 86 with the group
Color Blind{*}.. from there he progressed with a short but fertile stint in the group Industry 12(*).. great times!! the next group was a duo, Tripping Dogs(*)..{Lesser Blessed}(*) as we were later known. went from 88 thru roughly 94 when it splintered it's self into a 5 piece called (this name can not be displayed)... this incarnation lasted until late 97 but finaly disbanded...
Still in touch with some of his former band mates Trey Xanthean makes music on his own.. recording, mastering and burning for your enjoyment.. there have been a few collaboration's
with friends from the past projects. as of late: Tripping Dogs are back together and playing live shows again. also a new band is forming out of the Handmaidens bunch. still searching for the right name. we will be posting some of the sounds soon..


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