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Listed bellow are available titles from
By Christ Records.
Plus, Song titles and comments{by Trey}about the
By Christ Release:Ophidian.....
Also available: free songs for download.
Please Note: The songs reflect a small taste
of the Broad range in musical styles that are on the album.....

Available Audio
1.Trey Xanthean-Ophidian
2.Trey Xanthean-Tri-Alpha
3.Trey Xanthean-Internal Resistance
4.Trey Xanthean-Four -The Love of God
5.Trey Xanthean-Ab Sanguis Anima-Arcana Imprii
6.Trey Xanthean-#6 (New)
7.Trey Xanthean - Through All HE, Makes A Way... (NEW)

8.The Black Lillies(*) -Illusions Parade
9.Tripping Dogs-LIVE @ Berts (NEW)
10. Alchemicalburn(*) & Trey Xanthean-Transmissions for Tribulation...

11.Tripping Dogs(*)-Loosing Ground
12.Tripping Dogs(*)-Pious Dogs
13.Lesser Blessed(*)-In Turn "L"
14.Lesser Blessed(*)-Stoned to Death
15. Cerebus(*)-D.o.D_Chapter II

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Fly-the Fall

The Beginning track on Ophidian.. all Distortion noise
is a beautiful thing!!!!

please click for noixe

Sojourn into Tyre.

another instrumental..
"we have a long road ahead. as we are brought up before the king of Tyre" Trey Xanthean

-1 billion bellow: This song: 8 years in the making, is decated to the illuimated snakes that are the New World Order.....Your god is a Fake!!!!!!!

Canoe ride; Actual size=130 pixels wide

shot in the dark:
this song is Not a cover..
"even in the darkest night We still have a Light in Jesus


Behold the Truth

A song to celebrate our Father,Saviour and Creator!!!!

Hostile Moon: Sing of the signs of the times in which we live.......

The Fourth and Fifth Trey Xanthean CD's are finnished!!! The New Titles are :   Four - The Love of God ...
also   Ab Sanguis Anima - Arcana Imperii...
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All Titles Are Now FREE!!!
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All songs were Written,Produced,Composed and Performed
by: Trey Xanthean. All Words,Titles,Names,Sounds and Music are the sole property of By Christ Records Member ASCAP, except where indicated by-(*)  Unlawful Use and distribution is a violation of All Applicable Laws!! Published by: By Christ Records
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