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Trey Xanthean(R)
His music carrier started in 81-82 opening up for Genie Rich and Friends.. a few great shows and he had the preforming bug.. Mrs. Rich taught Trey to sing by ear which
translated into him teaching himself to play the guitar,bass and keys by ear as well as the basic improv skills he would later rely on so heavily .
as a youth he played the trombone and was involved in choirs. two blessings and very helpful in learning arrangements,progressions and sight reading....
programing and beat construction are a passion as well.. the early bands Trey was involved with were a wonderful learning experience.. Color Blind(*) and Industry 12(*)... His later
bands proved to be the best experience opening up for such
national acts as Shadow Project and 10 solid years of shows in Albuquerque, New Mexico and surrounding areas, as well as in Texas.... Trey is a native born Albuquerquean. He started By Christ Records in late 88 and has done many collaborations with other Artist's as well as a number of indi releases.Trey has relocated to Texas.... there he works hard at his home studio and is working to revamp the live show and hook up with players of like mind... "striving to make music with a more loving frame of mind and Glorifying our Heavenly Father".... more to come.. we will keep you posted.... eel.K.Gin

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